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Wednesday Jan 17: 9 am PT 6pm CET at
Serge Ravet will lead a collaborative session to develop ideas for an Open Recognition Framework. Your valuable input will feed into an initial draft document, which will be refined further through open collaboration and application in practice, review and improvements to become a community road map.

The objective of the Open Recognition Framework is to support individuals and organisations willing to actively contribute towards the emergence of an Open Recognition ecosystem as one of the foundations for an open society. It is a framework oriented towards action, i.e. towards empowering individuals and their communities to become active contributors in the recognition of others, rather than simply being “in search of recognition”. 

While the Framework will include recommendation on practices, technologies and policies, as well as on ethics (an ethical framework), we wish to make it actionable, an opportunity for all individuals and communities  to speak with their own voices and decide on their own actions to make Open Recognition a reality. 

This framework will not pretend and does not intend to be neutral. It will be designed within the perspective of building an open and inclusive society where the citizens are fully empowered to act and transform education and employment, rather than merely adapt to them.

It is why, one of the mottos underpinning this Framework could be: 

we have the power to recognise and we are taking it!

Its development is supported with a grant from the European Union through the MIRVA project, but it will be openly available to all.

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