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Open Recognition Charter

For an ethics of recognition


While the idea of Open Learning and Open Educational Resources emerged from the need to remove existing barriers to learning, the idea of Open Recognition and Open Badges emerged from the need to remove existing barriers to recognition: acknowledge the full value of lifewide non-formal and informal learning, individual and community achievements, aspirations and commitments. The Charter opens the understanding of recognition beyond formal recognition to highlight the value of non-formal and informal forms of recognition. It focuses on the recognition of people and communities in human contexts.


Opening up recognition has an inclusive purpose: to provide everyone with the opportunity to “find and take their place in the world”, connecting to open recognition ecosystems to enrich their lives and advance their careers.


Opening up Recognition!


The Signatories of the Open Recognition Charter recognise the need to open up recognition in all areas of life, whether educational, social and professional. 


To achieve that goal the Open Recognition Charter Signatories are committed to:


  1. Working with individuals, communities, organisations and institutions to establish Open Recognition ecosystems 
  2. Raising awareness on the need to open recognition to all
  3. Exploring methods, tools, technologies, practices and policies conducive to opening up recognition
  4. Integrating and adapting lessons learned in professional practices, organisational and public policies
  5. Facilitating dialogue between local, regional, national and global recognition ecosystems 
  6. Bridging informal, non-formal and formal recognition
  7. Empowering individuals and communities to develop their own recognition pathways

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