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The Open Recognition Alliance brings together individual and collective actors – all around the world – who want to build an open and learning society, based on the recognition of the talents, skills and aspirations of individuals, communities and territories.

“The knowledge society that is taking off, as we have said, will also have to be a society of recognition” François Taddei

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Open Recognition is an approach born out of the practice of open badges that explores and promotes practices, tools and policies that improve and expand the opportunities for individuals and communities to be recognised and to contribute to the recognition of others. Open recognition can focus on lifelong learning and development or on other socially beneficial goals. Its principles are described in detail in the Bologna Declaration on Open Recognition, which gave rise to the Charter on Open Recognition.

Sign the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration and apply for your Signatory badge! Join the community of Members, Advocates and Ambassadors. 

ePIC 2023 - Vienna (Austria) - From 6 to 8 December

"Open Recognition for a Sustainable Planet"

Join the conversation at EPIC 2023, the 21st International Conference on Open Learning and Open Recognition Technologies and Practices. EPIC 2023 will welcome participants and speakers from all continents and backgrounds to explore all dimensions of the emerging recognition culture that gave birth to open badges. The 21st edition of the conference will take place at the Markhof Cultural and Seminar Centre in Vienna, Austria, a European capital with a remarkable cultural and historical heritage

Contributions submission deadline: June 30 2023!

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