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Open Badges for building a learning territory in Normandy

Badgeons la Normandie (Let’s Badge Normandy) is a network of institutions, associations and organisations working in education and training, employment and social integration.

They are exploring the power of Open Badges for building a learning territory:  developing, recognising, valorising and connecting the talents of Normans.

For the open recognition week, they have decided to meet on Monday 22th of October in Caen, Normandy, in order to work on mutual endorsements, endorsements of some meaningful Open badges. Their goal is to make visible the trust they give to each other, within their projects.

To succeed, they will use the tools they have available. Open Badge Factory allows organizations to endorse each other and make visible this recognition in the Open Badge Passport gallery.

They will also use a new tool called Bit of Trust to make visible their trust relationships on a map and show the world what is happening in Normandy.

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