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Open Recognition as “transformative social innovation”

“Transformative social innovation is defined as a process of changing social relations, involving challenging, altering or replacing the dominant institutions in a specific context.”

This quote comes from TRANSIT (TRANsformative Social Innovation Theory) an ambitious research project that developed a theory of transformative social innovation, empowerment and change in society. It was co-funded by the European Commission and ran for four years, from January 2014 until December 2017.

TRANSIT researched a total of 20 transnational networks, 110+ related social innovation initiatives in 25+ countries:

  • DESIS-network, Network for design for social innovation and sustainability
  • FABLABS, Digital fabrication workshops open to local communities
  • INFORSE, International network of sustainable energy  NGOs
  • Participatory Budgeting, Network of communities and municipalities reinventing how public money is spent and prioritized
  • RIPESS, Network for the promotion of social solidarity economy
  • Seed Exchange Network, Protects biodiversity by defending seed freedom for integrity, self-organization and diversity
  • Slow Food, Linking food to a comitment to sustainable local and global development
  • Time Banks, Networks facilitating reciprocal service exchange
  • La Via Campesina, Aiming for family farming to promote social justice and dignity

One of our goals is to make MIRVA a transformative social innovation. Making Open Recognition a means for empowerment and change in society is one of the objective of the Open Recognition Framework.

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