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Presentation of the Open Recognition Framework

The discussion on the design of the Open Recognition Framework was opened Wednesday January 17 2018, during the ORA biweekly conference call. The notes from the conversation are accessible here and the video and audio recording there

The objective of the Open Recognition Framework is to support individuals and organisations willing to actively contribute towards the emergence of an Open Recognition ecosystem as one of the foundations for an open society. It is a framework oriented towards action, i.e. towards empowering individuals and their communities to become active contributors in the recognition of others, rather than simply being “in search of recognition”. While the Framework will include recommendation on practices, technologies and policies, as well as on ethics (an ethical framework), we wish to make it actionable, an opportunity for all individuals and communities to speak with their own voices and decide on their own actions to make Open Recognition a reality.

If you want to  contribute, you can do so by commenting and making suggestions to the current draft document.  Comments and suggestions on the authoring and editing process itself are welcome. You can also join us on Slack and Loomio. to exchange ideas and make decisions.


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